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On May 30th 2011, a group of activists destroyed a field with genetically modified potatoes in Belgium. The university of Ghent was testing modified plants with permission of the Belgian government.

Potato plants on a field

Potato plants © iStockphoto

A few days later a scientist of another university K.U.L. was fired, just for explaining motives of the action to the press. This triggered a new protest action and petition against these university measures.

One can ask the question though if this is the best way to try to stop GMO experiments, because the university now has decided to go on and to even take measurements for doing these experiments in secret in the future. Of course some farmers stand behind these experiments for their profit, since this science is about manipulating plants to get resistance to certain bugs. Why are they not interested in really investigating all GMO’s negative consequences? It turns out to be dangerous for the plants and for consumers.

According to Eurobarometer/eos 65% of the Belgian people are against genetically modified food and 29% have some trust in GMO companies.



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  • Update:
    11 of these protesters got 6 to 8 months in prison, on the trial today.
    Do you think that’s a reasonable sentence for destroying some potato plants?
    The experiment went on and was not interrupted by the action of the activists.

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