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5G Is it really dangerous for your health? Free information here

Truth about 5GOk, I know 5G will be fast and super-handy etc.
But is there any proof that it is safe for our health and our children’s?

Of course the industry declares it safe, just like they did with cigarettes, DDT, etc. Turned out to be quite deadly.
Astonishingly this time they did not even investigate the health effects of 5G.

You will be flabbergasted if you get to the following information from long time health investigators Sayer Ji and Josh del Sol.

What’s more, this is a life threatening development if we are not aware of the facts.

So, subscribe now to the free information 2019 ONLINE event from top health experts by clicking the ATTEND button —>

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5G and cell tower radiation protests worldwide

Radiation is among us and is increasing.
But do we want to know it?

Of course telecom operators and industry keep on saying that it’s safe, but they can’t proof that. On the contrary, more and more scientists are ringing alarm bells.

Watch people all over the world protesting against 5G and life threatening radiation.

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