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Forwarded from Dawn of Peace
One of the most fun forms of activism is a good flashmob! Last weekend our group in Andalucía performed the March of the Zombies, to demonstrate the blind obedience and inhumanity of the masses. Thankfully this story had a happy ending. 😅 Check it out:
Criminal behavior: WHO now considers consent if parents don't keep child at home. Parents beware. Check out the official document: 😡
India variant, does it exist? 🔎
Forwarded from Freedom Warriors (Freedom Warriors)
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Team work.
When we come together, we can achieve anything.
What the vaccine makers and the WEF are planning to do to us, following WHO-whistleblower Prof. Astrid Stuckelberger. 🤨
Forwarded from #LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
People taking the Covid jab are trusting the sane institutions that once told them these things were safe.Some people never learn!