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Media is too big
Lurnpa and other Aboriginal leaders of Australia are sending this urgent plea for help for all of humanity. When the last indigenous tribes have been wiped out of the Earth, we will have lost a part of humanity which we can never recover. We MUST end this genocide now.
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The Perfect New XMAS song
Is this where you are heading?
BREAKING: The CDC is withdrawing its standing request to the FDA to grant emergency use authorization for Covid-19 PCR tests.

After 20 months of lies, the CDC can no longer hide that its use of Covid-19 PCR tests was fake “science” but true fear mongering.
Why jab danger warning only in Japan?

Japan has added a warning label to the covid jabs, warning about the risk of myocarditis — inflammation of the heart muscle.

Hospitals in Japan must report, in detail, any adverse effects that occur within 28 days of receiving a COVID-19 injection.

Japan’s Ministry of Health includes a “consent to vaccination” section on its website, which states mandatory vaccination and discrimination against those who choose not to be vaccinated are not advised; this includes at workplaces, which are told not to force anyone to get injected.
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Media is too big
🚨Former WHO vice-president speaks at an EU summit: Approving and promoting the vaccine is the biggest scandal of medical history.