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Forwarded from Dr Jane Ruby (Dr Jane Ruby)
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Vax site. People STILL wait in line to get a shot, while an injected person is carried away by ambulance!

Forwarded from Zelfvoorzienend leven
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🤨🌱 share it, for the bees 🐝 🆘 from Belgium 🇧🇪!
A very sad day for the natural health movement!
America’s Frontline Doctors Communications Director, Dr. Teryn Clarke stated,

“This constitutes an extremely damaging lapse. If PCR testing cannot distinguish between COVID and influenza, then at least a portion of last winter’s COVID spike was likely to have been due to the normal flu season. Is this reason influenza all but “disappeared” during COVID? The CDC’s lack of transparency regarding the limitations of the PCR test caused severe and irreversible harm worldwide.”

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors added,

“The entire pandemic has been based on PCR testing– to identify cases, justify lockdowns and to ascribe cause of death. Now the CDC is saying these COVID “cases” might actually have been influenza cases? It is absolutely essential these tests are accurate, reliable, and validated. The public has a right to know how the CDC made the decision to recommend that the public rely on this test. Anything less than full transparency is tantamount to an admission that CDC manipulated data and intentionally or through incompetence misled the public.” 🙄