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How to get a HPV vaccination score from ± 40 % coverage to ± 90 % of the twelve year old girls? Make it free and bring it to the schools. This is what is being announced in Flanders, the North part of Belgium. While there are a lot of adverse reports on the long term risks and even those immediately after vaccination. From Guillian-Barre-syndrome and loss of consciousness to permanent disability. It’s all there. But as always, no questions asked and focus is on the battle against cervical cancer instead of how to be healthy without pharmaceuticals.
Let’s hope parents inform themselves seriously before they act as the big pharma industry dictates.

It is a good idea to think about our health "before" we are dying from a disease that was avoidable by living the natural way, without chemical drugs that might bring our body down. Nevertheless, it's never too late to change life and study the laws of nature. Insight creates the right way to manage our health.
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