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Climate change: global warming or global cooling? Is there really a link with CO2?

Shortest road to solve hunger: agro-ecology?

Olivier De Schutter, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, found out that the best way to solve global hunger is the agroecological approach.
That means agroforestry, mixed crop-livestock, biological pest control, intercropping, etc.

© Photodisc
© Photodisc

This is totally against the domination of food production by Monsanto and the likes, who are trying to force agriculture using their GMO seeds (claimed as intellectual property) and having about 50% of this market in their pocket already.

As Olivier De Schutter sees it, on the long run, agroecological farming techniques outperform modern mass production farming schemes, which are about genetically improved seeds, chemical fertilizers and extended use of machinery.
He brings together scientists, policymakers and farmers organizations to figure recommendations to the Committee on World Food Security.


Green search engine Ecosia lets you help save rain forests is a search engine that makes you save rain forests by just doing your searches. Easy. Even if you don’t believe in the common CO2-climate-link, saving rain forests can only be good, right? We are curious what you think about it. Leave your comments below.


The Great Global Warming Swindle documentary

It is always good to check another voice on climate change, that has a complete opposite picture of global warming – global cooling. This is the other side. Many scientists who disagree with the common idea of CO2-connected global warming and they tell you why.

Let’s never limit ourselves by just looking to the main stream media only. They somehow (advertising money?) rarely mention true critics or opposite points of view.

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