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Is GM food slipping in from the back door?

In Africa, China, India and developing countries, it’s a lot easier to grow GM foods than in Europe, because it is more accepted, although GM foods are not tested well and stories of health problems are numerous. Still, tests with bio ethanol producing GM trees were refused in Belgium and then got accepted in their neighbour country The Netherlands.

In august 2009, the Egyptians surprisingly declared that they would refuse GM food. But then shortly after that, they retracted this bold statement. Why?

Although Europe is generally refusing to accept Genetically Modified Organisms without labeling, more and more ways are found to slip GM foods into the food chain. One possibility appears to be importing GM animal food, feed it to the cattle and there you have GMO animals (with health problems) without GMO label. Right?


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  1. Starlink Starlink November 21, 2009

    Yes, they are being slipped in. Big corporations are flooding the internet with counter-intelligence to keep the news away from the masses that would surely reject them.

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