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Killer humans think they don’t need worker bees?

Lots and lots of honey bees are dying. Why? Probably from a combination of pesticides and now a study on radiation damage to honey bees suggests that also radiation from mobile phone towers could be a serious culprit.


We desperately need our friends the honey bees for fertilising the fruit trees and crops.

We should not make the mistake to think that something is unharmful after testing that one substance alone. In most cases it is the combination of different poison substances that can kill plants, animals and humans.



  1. admin admin February 14, 2010

    Maybe this could be a solution when you need bees to correct poor pollination in your orchard or garden: Mason Bee Homes

  2. admin admin July 11, 2010

    Recently Indian researchers found important influences on bees by cell phones.
    They attached cell phones to a hive and found dramatic results after testing.
    Watch this CNN video.

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