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Are your dental fillings making you ill?

AmalgamLOGOAnimA must see documentary from ITV about proof of poisoning amalgam dental fillings.

This is good journalism. Thanks ITV. How is it possible that millions of people get this poison into their mouth? Poison? Yes. Amalgam fillings are about 50% mercury, which is one of the most poisonous things in the world. You can’t put mercury into the environment, but you can put it in your mouth? What a world. In some countries it is perfectly legal, while in other countries (Sweden, …) amalgam fillings are completely banned. Not everyone gets problems immediately after placement of silver fillings, but how many proof do we need, to know that mercury comes out of the fillings, sooner or later damaging our health? Watch this documentary and make your own conclusions.

Once you are convinced that you have to get rid of your amalgam fillings, find the right dentist, who knows about this issue and who is motivated to use the best protocol for removal, without poisoning you even more. You’ll also need a detox program.

Comments on this issue are welcome. What are your stories about amalgam fillings?



  1. Mayscela Mayscela December 26, 2015

    When you are talking about mrerucy, you need to be very specific. Are you talking about inorganic mrerucy? Which oxidation state? Organic mrerucy? Saying that mrerucy is toxic is like saying that we’re going to cure cancer. There’s no such thing as cancer. There are cancer*s*, they are all different. Different forms of mrerucy have varying levels of blood brain barrier permeability. Some are neurotoxins, others are not at normal exposure levels (from fillings or other sources).

  2. I.H.-Admin I.H.-Admin Post author | December 26, 2015

    Hi Mayscela,
    You are right saying that different forms of mercury exist.
    But, the point is though that the vapor coming out of the amalgam fillings (Hg) is poisonous. Then there is ionic mercury that turns into mercury (HgCl2) chloride in the stomach. Very poisonous. And we have methyl mercury (Ch3Hg+) which is formed out of Hg by anaerobic bacteria. Extremely poisonous for a lot of functions and organs in the body. That’s three times poison. More than enough to avoid this deadly plague I would say.
    Thanks for your reply and I wish you a mercury-free life. Free from any kind of mercury.

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