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Tooth fillings killing you softly

AmalgamLogoFor many years the discussion is going about the dangers of amalgam (so called “silver”) tooth fillings. About 50% of these fillings consist of mercury, one of the most poisonous things in the world. Some people keep on saying that the mercury is “encapsulated” and does not enter the body. If one really investigates, the contrary appears true. Lots and lots of proof came up that mercury from amalgam fillings slowly enters the blood stream via chewing, evaporation, teeth roots. It destroys peoples health in different ways. That’s why countries like Sweden have completely banned amalgam tooth fillings.

If you have a chronic disease and also amalgam tooth fillings, it would be wise to check your mercury contamination and consider replacing your amalgam fillings by other fillings. It is also important to engage a “bio dentist” for this, because if the fillings are removed the wrong way, you get a huge amount of poisonous mercury on top of what you already have. Detoxification is very important and should be done the best way, so that your body is able to recover slowly from this “mercury crime”.

Read more about amalgam fillings at IAOMT.


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