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Al lot of general practitioners are just refusing the Swine Flu vaccination. And another 29 % were still in doubt, following a survey published in Healthcare Republic.

So we conclude that about half of the doctors may reject Swine flu vaccination. Why? Because they know or they have doubts about the dangers and they know that the vaccines are not tested thoroughly.

A lot has been published about the disastrous effects of ingredients in vaccines.

An article in Telegraph mentions even more surveys about health care people’s opinions.

What is going on in our world? Is the World Health Organisation more and more ruling the world? Are they gonna take over our right to decide what we do for our health?

Are we poisoning our children?


One Response to “Why are 29% of doctors refusing vaccination?”

  • Katrien:

    May all people inform themselves better about what the ingredients of a vaccine are, rather than just copying instructions from the government, doctors, institutions/people they trust. Fear is being seeded, people just grab what is offered, without thinking or considering that maybe there is another side to this nicely exposed picture. Sadly enough, these videos or what is said in them don’t make it to the eight-o-clock news.


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