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Coronavirus COVID-19 “official” map

Important note: Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses.

Please be aware that all these official parameters are controversial: counts, tests, definitions, diagnoses, infections, face masks, social distance, … and treatment methods and results.


Country Confirmed cases Death cases Recovered cases
Live Updates COVID-19 CASES
  • World
    Confirmed 30,682,290
    Active 7,405,020
    Recovered 22,321,615
    Death 955,655

Avastin® finally banned

banned in Belgium
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Avastin®, used with breast cancer chemotherapy, is now finally banned in Belgium too, by the College for Oncology. Apparently this poisonous drug has no beneficial results but causes side effects, like bleedings, blood clots, stomach and intestine perforations.

On top of that, it costs the patient about 50.000 €. That said Mattias Neyt (KCE) on Belgium Television VRT.

In the US, this drug was banned already in 2011.

So one can ask if this is normal. Using a drug that is poisoning already sick people, while it doesn’t help and even makes them more sick. A known fact for two years. While there are so many natural therapies, that go after the source of cancer.

That seems to be a real demonstration of how things work in mainstream medicine.

As a side-note: this news was read out on national TV by the news anchor Martine Tanghe, who herself suffered from that disease in 2012. What are you thinking now, Martine?

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