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Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO test field destroyed by protesters

On May 30th 2011, a group of activists destroyed a field with genetically modified potatoes in Belgium. The university of Ghent was testing modified plants with permission of the Belgian government.

Potato plants on a field
Potato plants © iStockphoto

A few days later a scientist of another university K.U.L. was fired, just for explaining motives of the action to the press. This triggered a new protest action and petition against these university measures.

One can ask the question though if this is the best way to try to stop GMO experiments, because the university now has decided to go on and to even take measurements for doing these experiments in secret in the future. Of course some farmers (more…)


Shortest road to solve hunger: agro-ecology?

Olivier De Schutter, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, found out that the best way to solve global hunger is the agroecological approach.
That means agroforestry, mixed crop-livestock, biological pest control, intercropping, etc.

© Photodisc
© Photodisc

This is totally against the domination of food production by Monsanto and the likes, who are trying to force agriculture using their GMO seeds (claimed as intellectual property) and having about 50% of this market in their pocket already.

As Olivier De Schutter sees it, on the long run, agroecological farming techniques outperform modern mass production farming schemes, which are about genetically improved seeds, chemical fertilizers and extended use of machinery.
He brings together scientists, policymakers and farmers organizations to figure recommendations to the Committee on World Food Security.



Just say no to GMO’s

Why? What are they? Are GMO’s really dangerous? Just watch this 6 min. video with facts.

Genetically Modified Organisms appear to be in our world because of the huge amounts of money involved. While destroying our health, our children’s health and the lives of small farmers working the natural organic way. Can you do something? Yes. Watch the video.

All objective comments welcome.

Spread the word in any possible way. Thanks. (more…)


Is GM food slipping in from the back door?

In Africa, China, India and developing countries, it’s a lot easier to grow GM foods than in Europe, because it is more accepted, although GM foods are not tested well and stories of health problems are numerous. Still, tests with bio ethanol producing GM trees were refused in Belgium and then got accepted in their neighbour country The Netherlands.

In august 2009, the Egyptians surprisingly declared that they would refuse GM food. But then shortly after that, they retracted this bold statement. Why? (more…)

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