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Here we list countries with – as far as we know – their intent to force vaccination against H1N1 virus on general public, or not. In other words, will make it mandatory or won’t. We gather this information from all kinds of media and from our readers. So we do not recommend to trust on this too much, and what’s more, governments can change their minds any day. Still it’s good to know this when you want to take responsibility for your own health and the health of your family.

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  • Belgium: No intention to make it mandatory.
  • Canada: Not mandatory, not even for health workers
  • France: Preparing for possible mass vaccination from September 28 2009.
  • Germany: Lots of protest.
  • Greece: WILL force vaccinations!
  • Italy: Starting November 2009 and February 2010 with vaccination programs for up to 40% of Italians.
  • Netherlands: On Aug 19 minister Ab Klink wrote that H1N1 vaccination will NOT be mandatory in Holland, even if WHO advises to make it mandatory. UPDATE 09-11-2009: now very active in vaccinating lots of even healthy people.
  • Poland: 08-11-2009: The Polish health minister, a medical doctor,  refuses to allow the swine flu vaccination for the Polish people, because of many doubts about the safety of the vaccines.
  • UK: starting with health workers, not mandatory. Lots of protest.
  • USA: looks like they are preparing for a mandatory vaccination, with fines of 1000 $/day for refusing flu shot.

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