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National flu advisor does not get vaccination

The Belgian National Flu Commissioner and main advisor of the government, professor Marc Van Ranst, was interviewed on national TV station VRT on November 5th in the program “Koppen“. While he declares the swine flu vaccination “as safe as a vaccine can be”, when asked about his own vaccination and his baby’s, his answer is that they are in good health and they leave this stab for the people who need it more. The Belgian government ordered 12.6 million vaccination units, which is more than the number of Belgium’s residents.

On November 7th, the Belgian government started as one of the first countries with vaccination of the so called “high risk groups”:

  1. Women with more than 3 months of pregnancy
  2. Health care professionals and personnel
  3. School teachers and kindergarten personnel
  4. Parents with kids of less than 6 months of age
  5. People with higher medical risk

Now, as far as we can see this national flu advisor validates at least under number two. So why isn’t he taking the flu shot?


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